organic process

organic process
a process occurring in living organisms
Syn: ↑biological process
Hypernyms: ↑process, ↑physical process
adaptation, ↑adaption, ↑adjustment, ↑agglutination, ↑aging, ↑ageing, ↑senescence, ↑anovulation, ↑antisepsis, ↑asepsis, ↑assimilation, ↑absorption, ↑autoregulation, ↑bacteriostasis, ↑blooming, ↑bloom, ↑bodily process, ↑body process, ↑bodily function, ↑activity, ↑carbon cycle, ↑catabolism, ↑katabolism, ↑dissimilation, ↑destructive metabolism, ↑cell division, ↑cellular division, ↑crossing over, ↑crossover, ↑defoliation, ↑deossification, ↑digestion, ↑eburnation, ↑ecchymosis, ↑effacement, ↑erythropoiesis, ↑eutrophication, ↑evolution, ↑organic evolution, ↑phylogeny, ↑phylogenesis, ↑expression, ↑extravasation, ↑gastrulation, ↑glycogenesis, ↑growth, ↑growing, ↑maturation, ↑development, ↑ontogeny, ↑ontogenesis, ↑hematopoiesis, ↑haematopoiesis, ↑hemopoiesis, ↑haemopoiesis, ↑hemogenesis, ↑haemogenesis, ↑hematogenesis, ↑haematogenesis, ↑sanguification, ↑heredity, ↑humification, ↑hypostasis, ↑epistasis, ↑implantation, ↑nidation, ↑inhibition, ↑invagination, ↑introversion, ↑intussusception, ↑infolding, ↑involution, ↑cytokinesis, ↑karyokinesis, ↑keratinization, ↑keratinisation, ↑Krebs cycle, ↑Krebs citric acid cycle, ↑citric acid cycle, ↑tricarboxylic acid cycle, ↑lymphopoiesis, ↑lysogenization, ↑lysogenisation, ↑ripening, ↑maturement, ↑metabolism, ↑metabolic process, ↑metamorphosis, ↑nitrogen cycle, ↑nitrogen fixation, ↑nondevelopment, ↑nutrition, ↑organification, ↑ossification, ↑ovulation, ↑oxidative phosphorylation, ↑parturition, ↑birth, ↑giving birth, ↑birthing, ↑pathologic process, ↑pathological process, ↑perennation, ↑preservation, ↑quellung, ↑quellung reaction, ↑quickening, ↑regeneration, ↑regulation, ↑replication, ↑reproduction, ↑resorption, ↑reabsorption, ↑secretion, ↑secernment, ↑segregation, ↑shedding, ↑sloughing, ↑summation, ↑symphysis, ↑synapsis, ↑synizesis, ↑synezesis, ↑transcription, ↑transduction, ↑translation, ↑protein folding, ↑folding, ↑translocation, ↑transpiration, ↑tumefaction, ↑ulceration, ↑vascularization, ↑vascularisation, ↑vesiculation, ↑vesication, ↑blistering

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